There are many variants of Chen Style Taijiquan being practised all over the world. Chen Style 56 movement-competition routine, Chen Style 83 movement, Chen Style 37 movement particular to the Beijing/Shanghai area just to name a few, Chen Practical Method etc. However most of these which are taught – are quite different in characteristic in comparison to what is passed down within Chenjiagou (Chen Village). So in order to differentiate ourselves from the commercialized (or ”sport”) versions out there, the “Chenjiagou” (Chen Village) tag is used here to single ourselves out, in deference as well as in concurrence with the wish of our teacher, Grand Master Zhu Tian Cai. 

In Chen Village, the following forms are practiced:
1) Laojia Yilu 72 movement (Old form first set)- This is the compulsory basic foundation for all beginners.

2) Laojia Erlu 59 movement (Old form second set)3) Xinjia Yilu 83 movement (New form first set)
4) Xinjia Erlu (New form second set)
5) Xiaojia (small frame)

In traditional training at Chenjiagou, only when one has at least 2 years plus of Laojia Yilu experience, the Master will then proceed to teach the students this routine.