Our Lineage

In August 1997, we have been conferred the 20th Generation Chenjiagou (Chen Village) Disciple by Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai, and endorsed by 17th generation Chenjiagou village elders.

Discipleship from GM Zhu
Discipleship from GM Zhu
All Disciples during 1997
Unofficial Translator for GM Zhu In Chen Village
Unofficial Translator for GM Zhu In Chen Village
GM Zhu Perth Push Hand Workshop 2006
GM Zhu Perth Push Hand Workshop 2006

Grand Master Zhu Tian Cai

Grand Master Zhu Tian Cai, born 1944, from Henan Province, Wen County, Chenjiagou (Chen Village), a Chenjiagou 19th generation grandson, the 19th generation Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan descendent (successor?) is also known as one of Chenjiagou’s “Four Great Guardian Warriors”.

He belongs to China’s 9th Grade Wushu Instructors, the national top-ranking group of Chief Wushu Instructors and is a top level Wushu Judge. He has also been conferred the Person of Merit title in Jiaozhuo City. 

He is the Vice President of the Chen Style Tai Chi Association, Henan Province and is the President of the International Tian Cai Chenjiagou Tai Chi Association.

In 2007, he was acknowledged as the representative bearer of China’s cultural heritage in Tai Chi (Chen Style Tai Chi). In 2014, he was awarded the honorary title of “Person with Outstanding International Contribution” in China.

Since then, he has also written and published many books about Chen Style Tai Chi.

Zhu Tian Cai is not just a skilled martial arts expert in Tai Chi but he is also skilled in the literary arts. For many years, he has worked tirelessly, travelling to many countries to promote awareness of the art of Tai Chi. He has more than ten thousand disciples in over twenty countries across the world. He holds many honourifics and titles such as “National Tai Chi Instructor” in many countries, “Chen Style Tai Chi Pioneer in Singapore”, and “Chen Style Tai Chi Frontiersman in South Korea”.

He currently instructs or consults in honorary positions in many wushu associations, federations and established schools in more than twenty countries and continues to promote awareness of Chen Style Tai Chi.

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