Location 1

Menzies Park @ Mt Hawthorn

95 Purslowe St, Mt Hawthorn. Map

Saturday, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Carpark next Squashworld Brentwood

33 Moolyeen Rd, Brentwood WA 6153. Map
Saturday, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Basic Qi Gong

  1. Qigong
  2. Silk Reeling Exercise
  3. 5 Elements – 4 Movements

The most important part of Tai Chi is your foundation. How far will your skills or achievement go will depend on foundation.

Qi Gong – Breathing Exercise

  • Learning how to enjoy and relax through breathing. (Relax, stress release)
  • Learning how to regulate breathing with movements. (Mind body and breath coordination, improve blood circulation, calming effect and relaxation)
  • Learning correct positioning for hip-waist rotations. (building core strength, key to fall prevention)
  • Learning how to relax into a postulation.
  • Learning basic weight shifts for balance.
  • Learn to increase flexibility and strength
  • Learn how to improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Learn to instil a greater awareness of the body and how it moves through space.

Silk Reeling Exercise – This is a series exercise to build up and improve your energy level.

  • Understanding Tian Cai Tai Chi training principles.
  • Learning the boundaries of proper body mechanics to enhance your strength and balance.
  • Learning to adjust and form correct stances. This will build up your energy and improve your lower body strength.
  • Learning how to coordinate upper body with lower body movements.
  • Deeper training into hip-waist rotations.
  • Learning how to adjust body posture for strength and balance.
  • Develop leg stamina and strength for prolonged training.
What to wear during your Tai Chi Class:
Your clothes should be loose and comfortable. preferably cotton.
The ideal practise shoes should:
1. Feel very comfortable and flexible.
2. Be light, with thin sole.
3. Have broad base support in the sole to help you balance.
4. Have shock absorbent pads in the sole to minimise injury. Please arrive early for the first session.