For Beginner Classes

By Donation


/2 weeks

Online Tai Chi foundation training

Suitable for all level

Online Tai Chi HIIT

6 pm - Monday, Tuesday
7.30 pm - Thursday & Friday

Beginner Unlimited


/10 Weeks

Build on foundation and cultivate your Qi!

Attend all beginner classes and 13 postures

Including online passes for 4 weeks

Only $19 per week

Unlimited Trial


/ 2 weeks

For New Member only

Unlimited Class

Including online pass

See class calendar for schedule

10 Visit Punchpass


valid for 6 months.

All classes

Exclude online class

1 class per visit

Personal Training



Personalised Training

In Melville area

Email me if other areas.

10 Session Personal Training


/10 Sessions

One hour session

Personalised Training

Melville area only

Push Hand for Beginner



Push hand

For Beginner

30 mins push hand and structure alignment check

Weekly Unlimited



All levels excluding Push Hand

Ideal for FIFO

For Intermediate and Advance Classes

Monthly Unlimited



All classes - Beginner, 13 Movements, 72 Lao Jia, Sword and Push Hand.

Eligible for Advance Student only (2 years and above)

Online Classes

See class calendar for schedule

Personal Training

  1. Personalised Plan to meet your goals.
  2. Personalised Training Program to suit your lifestyle.
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