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Authentic Chen Tai Chi in Perth


Relax by breath, body both static and in motion.


Learn to balance from within.

Tian Cai Training System – One Circle . Two Points . Six Spirals

“One Circle” refers to the completed circle formed by single or double handed silk reeling.
“Two Points” refers to the two defence positions at opposing extremities.
“Six Spirals” refers to the entire set of silk reeling oscillations

Grand Master Zhu Tian Cai created this training strategy around this time restriction to induct a new practitioner quickly into the Chen Tai Chi basics in a shorter, more efficient way.

In all our classes, we will implement this effective and authentic Chen Tai Chi training system This is the same system if you visit Chen Village in China.

Expect to have sore muscles if you are fairly active since we will request lower stances for drilling and to work up at least a light sweat for those who are not as conditioned.

Chen Village

Chen Village (Chenjiagou) is located in Henan Provice, China. This is orgin of all modern day Tai Chi as we know it today comes from. 350 years ago, the Chen family combined Martial Arts with Chinese Medicine and deep breathing exercises to form Tai Chi. 11 generations latter you could still find their descendants teach the same arts in the village.