What is Internal Art?

To me, internal is more of the training approach. For internal art it start from ROU or gentle. ROU is different from soft.
Mud is soft, once you pressed it, it will be deformed and stay in that shape. This is not what ROU is about. Rou is like bamboo plant (note i used plant not stick).When you push it, you will feel a resistance from the bamboo. When you release it, it will bounce back.


A lot of people translated ROU as soft, this is not correct. If you check the chinese dictionary, it refer to plant that can be bend and/or straightened ¡°本义:树木可曲可直¡±.

For beginner to understand it and then to do it is not easy, as most of us are so used to brute force.  Also the initial main objective is to learn to relax and link the whole body in order to generate power with the entire body or what some called NEI JING. This required proper and correct body mechanic with prerequisite relaxation. This is where your master come in and correct your posture. A lot of people get bored or give up in this stage, while others do not have the right master that know about proper body mechanic.

Chen style is always associated with low stance, but low stance is not confined to Chen Style, the traditional Yang and Wu Style also required low stance for beginner. Wu Style Wu Tu Nan even claimed that he trained to do the form under the dining table. Not to mentioned  that Xing Yi and Bagua required low stance as well for beginner.  Below is video clip of GMaster Tung Ying Chieh (董英杰) which has a lower stance then today Yang stylists.



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