Top Grade Stainless Steel Taiji Sword (excellent for Tai Chi)

Premium quality Stainless Steel Taiji (Tai Chi) Sword for masters.

Stainless steel sword. Well made, excellent weight distribution, best of all it has a stainless steel ridged blade. Selected by us for the Best. 

These swords are made at one of China’s famous sword forges.  Top range.   The blades are made with a hollow-ground design which strengthens the spine of the blade whilst keeping the tip flexible. This structure makes for a light but sturdy design.  It has a balance suitable for competition or every day practice.  A Dragon is carved on one side of the blade.  The other side bears the Chinese characters of "Qiankun", which means "heaven and earth".   The term "Qiankun" can be traced back to the yin yang trigram symbols of the Bagua, an ancient divination system known as I Ching. 

Each weapon comes with a special tag that certifies that they have met the rigorous new standards required for competition.  Now, Taiji swords are commonly designed with a flattened-diamond blade.

 Top quality hand-made, solid wood scabbard.


26" swords : 21cm hilt (handle portion) + 70cm blade = 91 cm.  This means, a 26" is actually 91cm long from the tip of the blade to the top of the hilt; or entire sword length.
28" swords : 21cm hilt + 76cm blade = 97cm in total.
30" swords : 23cm hilt + 81cm blade = 104cm in total

On how to select the length, please refer to our articles "How do I select the right sword for me? ".  We will hand pick the sword for you.

If you are more than 1.8 metre tall, the 30 inch may not be suitable, custom-made length can be arranged with additional USD20.

Price: USD59.99 (Excluding Shipping, estimated to be USD40 for shipping to US)


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