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“I have met quite a few taiji teachers in Perth and your level is so far definitely one the best, likewise is your skill of teaching.” Henri

“It was on the last lesson with only Leo and myself, that I felt something really clicked! You have been very patient and are an inspiring teacher. I know it is up to me to keep practising which I am doing, and I much appreciate having the videos.” Sue

“That Sien-Long was very supportive and really helped me to improve my stance every week.” Diana

“The instructors have been friendly and approachable. You get the feelings that students are genuinely welcomed.” Felipe

“The movements were explained slowly and step by step so I can follow.

The repetition of the movements were good.

Everyone gets on well & friendly.

The most important thing is I enjoyed the class.” John

“The dedication and desire of the instrctors to encourage one in their attempts to not only learn, but to understand, the true reason and core of Tai Chi.

the enthusiasm of instructors to always demonstrate/describe different ways of achieving the movement. i have learnt to apply the breathing and movements in my dailiy tasks.” Shirley

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