Our Customers

Here are additional photos of our customers and their schools.

Do browse through to see the selction of styles, material type and color cobinations you can put together for the handmade uniforms.

There are schools in various locations, so do get in touch with the Instructors to start your Tai Chi journey!


6290 103rd Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32210, USA.

Tel : (904) 777-2287

Master Kam P. Lee
<Note: You could order the uniform from Master Lee>


Sifu Chris Bouguyon
Senior Instructor / Owner

“We are VERY grateful for your excellent customer service and I will certainly work to get you noticed here is Dallas. Our World Tai Chi Day Event will have all 5 Tai Chi styles performing demonstrations; we are expecting 500 guests!
I will talk with each of the schools represented about your work and support.”

<Note: You could order the uniform from Sifu Chris Bouguyon>

Chris and Fayne in our uniform, black with grey trim

Russ & LaVerne of Arkansas USA :

“We received LaVerne’s uniform today and attached some pictures for you.  It was worth the wait.  Very nicely done.”

LaVerne doing Flying Slant in White with Pink Trim.


LaVerne doing Scout Horseback

David Garland of Jacksonville, FL USA

“it’s beautiful.I’ll be ordering a white, a black, and a black with white trim”

Sifu Joshua Jackson of Las Vegas, Nevada USA

“I have recieved the uniforms today Beautifull Thank you Very Much hope to have another order in soon.”

Another happy customer from Culver City, USA

“My teacher loves the uniforms too. He took the photos for me.”

Diane Foley

Kevin Campbell of Ohio, USA

“I just wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I am with my new uniform.  I just love it.  It arrived faster than I expected, and I want to thank you for that too.

On your website, in the comment box, I tried to leave you positive feedback, but I don’t know if my comment registered properly with your website (after I sent it, a message said I was not authorized).  Anyway, I hope you get my comment because it’s a very positive recommendation that I hope you post it so everyone could see how pleased I am with your uniform.
Also, thanks for emailing me your recent newsletter.  I enjoyed that very much.”




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