How often should I be training?

This will depend on what you want to archeive and your current physical state of health. If you are a beginner and recover from illness, moderating is important.
If you are after a healthy life style then it is commonly agreed amongst experts that 3-5 times per week is sufficient. You should be exercising for at least 20-60 minutes at 60-90% of age-specific maximal heartrate or 50-85% of VO2max (heart rate reserve). However, remember that your body needs time to repair. Your body won’t rebuild until fater your training workout; no rest, no rebuild.

If you aim is to become a master or professional, then at least 4-5 hours of training per day for at least 3 years. G Master Zhu said that "拳练万遍,其理自现" aka if you practice the routine for 10 thousand time, you will difinely master it.

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