Experience the Internal Energies of a Traditional Tai Chi Workshop

with Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai

Chenjiagou Taijiquan is an ancient art passed through the generations in a little village called Chenjiagou in Henan Province, China. It is imparted through a holistic, comprehensive 3-tier training framework that aims to teach the practitioner to foster unity in, (a) strength and motor skills (External), (b) inner balance of the body (Internal), and (c) mental discipline (Spiritual).

Chenjiagou Taijiquan is a traditional martial art which helps the practitioner reap, not only self-defence reflexes, but, it also engenders significant health benefits. In order to maximise the benefits to students, the ancient art is taught by qualified Chenjiagou Taijiquan Instructors, using a graduated, streamlined training structure to guide a student’s progression in the art. For the first time in Perth, Australia, we bring you our teacher, Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai from Chenjiagou!

Grandmaster Zhu has specially choreographed a foundational set of routines which essentially trains all major body muscle groups. Each set of joints in the body is gradually exercised and warmed up to move a student into the next set. This is how Tai Chi builds up flexibility and expands the range of motion in the joints. Stepping techniques are taught to train a student how to handle weight shifts to build body consciousness. Further, a student is taught how to use relaxation together with their body shifts so that they move in balance. This is how the feel for body balance is imparted. Throughout each Chen Tai Chi routine, a good body posture is required to maintain an unbroken body line to facilitate the flow of Qi. Building up a smooth flow of Qi in the body will keep a person in very good health, and provides a natural, mental alertness without a person having to rely on pills.


The training routines in Chenjiagou Taijiquan are suitable for practice across all age groups. The routines can be practised at different stance levels and can be adjusted for complexity depending on the general fitness level and motor coordination of the student. There are various programs available for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Instructor level participants.


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About Us:

We are 20th generation indoor disciples of Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai. Our lineage stems from Chenjiagou village in Henan Province (Zheng Zhou), China, endorsed by 17th generation village elders. We are proud to bring you our teacher, Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai, 19th generation Grandmaster. Our mission is to enable everyone to benefit from genuine, traditional Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) that is passed down from generation to generation.


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We intend to schedule the workshop towards end of October 2009.



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