There are 4 levels for my curriculum.

Level 1: Aim to provide the participants the introduction of basic Tai Chi Principles.

The focus will be on

  1. Breathing
  2. Proper body posture with Song Kua
  3. Feel your Peng Energy or Qi.

Chen Tai Chi breathing method will help you to calm your mind. Focus at the present moment. When you breathe in, watch your palm. When you breathe out, watch your nose. One Ying and One Yang. Proper body posture will help you to protect your knees and back that will brings countless benefits. In this class, we will help you to feel your Peng Energy in less than 1 minute. The rest will be up to you to practice and improve on your Chi (energy).

Go to Level 1 curriculum

Level 2 to Level 5 will focus on the learning the Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame Routine 1) as taught by Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai.

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