Chenjiagou Training Immersion Programme


Venue : Chenjiagou Tian Cai Taiji Mansion, Chen village, Henan Province, China

Chief Instructor : Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai

Instructors : Zhu Bao Ling, Zhu Xiang Yi and Zhu Xiang Hua


There will be 4 hours of training everyday. There will be 2 hours of instructed training in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon. You will be expected to do self-training in the evenings for at least 2 hours as well.

Please bring your own toiletries and sufficient change of clothes, tee-shirts, loose track pants, flat-soled shoes, jackets and warmers.

The fees (as listed below) will cover all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), your accommodation and training. You will stay with Grandmaster Zhu’s family in their home which can accommodate up to 20 persons. The rooms are single beds with air-conditioning and heating. There are common bathrooms on each floor. Linen and blankets are provided. Meals will be home-cooked prepared in the northern china cuisine style (dong bei cai yao). This is generally those big, white buns you see in those martial arts movies (man tou), noodles, dumplings (jiao zhi) and cold, tossed vegetable salads. The dressing for the cold dishes generally consists of black vinegar, garlic, soya sauce, sesame oil. The food is usually cooked as a soup and with minimal oil. Don’t expect Starbucks coffee, alcohol or the like there. But good, healthy chinese tea is freely available. I can’t resist saying this but Chinese tea is really very good for health. It possesses not only anti-oxidizing properties but is also rather detoxifying for the body. And it does help to regulate those hunger pangs!

Training Courses

You can request for training in any of the courses below.

  1. Dao Yin Tu Na 18 Shi (this is the Zhan Zhuang routine which covers Wu Ji, Tai Ji and Zhaung Gong)
  2. 4 Posture Set (5 Element)
  3. 13 Movement Routine
  4. Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1st set)
  5. Lao Jia Er Lu (Old Frame 2nd set)
  6. Xin Jia Yi Lu (New Frame 1st set)
  7. Xin Jia Er Lu (New Frame 2nd set)
  8. Tai Ji Xiao Jia (Small Frame)
  9. Tai Ji 42 Fa Jing (Tai Ji San Shou)
  10. Tai Ji Single Sword
  11. Tai Ji Twin Sword
  12. Tai Ji Broadsword (Sabre)
  13. Tai Ji Qiang (Spear)
  14. Tai Ji Shan (Fan)

Fee Structure

For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students

The fee for personal training by Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai is US$75 per day, per student, and covers all meals, training (4 hours each day) and accommodation as mentioned above.

For Beginners and Intermediate students

The table below lists the training rates for instruction by Grandmaster Zhu’s sons, Zhu Bao Ling, Zhu Xiang Yi and Zhu Xiang Hua.

Daily Rate :

US$65 per day, per student

1 month and above :

US$50 per day, per student

3 months and above :

US$40 per day, per student

6 months and above :

US$35 per day, per student

Booking & Registration

To book your Chenjiagou training immersion programme, please contact us for arrangements. Otherwise, if you are conversant in Mandarin, you might want to get in touch with our teacher directly.

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