Our Taiji (Tai Chi) Curriculum in Perth – Beginners

The aim of the level is to introduce the student to the theory and principles  of Tai Chi through a set of foundation breathing exercise and outines.

Eighteen Breathing Exercise

NO English Chinese Han Yu Pin Yin
  Foundation Sinking Exercise A. 椿功练习法 – zhuan gong lian xi fa
1 Wuji Zhuan Standing Post Exercise 无极混元椿 Circular Movement wu ji huan yuan zhuang
2 Supporting the Heaven 托天功 tuo tian gong
3 Pressing Down 下按功 xia an gong
4 Snatching the yang 抓阳功 zhuā Yang Gong
5 Opening the Wing 展翅功 Zhan Ci Gong
6 Embracing the ball 抱球功 Bao Qiu Gong
7 Opening and Closing 开合功 Kai He Gong
8 Turning the Waist 转腰功 Zhuan Yao Gong
9 Beginning to Ending 起收功 Qi Shou Gong
Silk Reeling Exercise
1 Right arm silk reeling 右手缠丝(顺逆)
2 Left arm silk reeling 左手缠丝(顺逆)
3 Both hand Criss cross 双手交叉缠丝(顺逆 )
4 Both hand roll back 双捋缠丝(顺逆 )
5 Both hand opening and closing 双分双合缠丝
6 Right forward stance rolling back (Facing left) 左侧身大捋缠丝(顺逆)Left side neutralizing silk reeling
7 Left forward stance rolling back 右侧身大捋缠丝(顺逆
8 Left empty step vertical circle silk reeling 左虚步立圆缠丝(顺逆
9 Right empty step vertical circle silk reeling 右虚步立圆缠丝(顺逆)

Foundation Routines – 5 Elements


Movement #

Movement Name

Movement Name (HanyuPinYin)

Movement Name Chinese




Begin Taiji

Tai Ji Qi Shi



Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

Jin Gang Dao Dui


Lao Jia Yi Lu Movement #1

Click for online video.


Lazily Tying Coat

Lan Zha Yi


 Lao Jia Yi Lu Movement #2 

(Member and Students only)


Six Sealing and Four Closing

Liu Feng Si Bi



Single Whip

Dan Bian


Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

Jin Gang Dao Dui


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