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Chen Tai Chi Beginner - Silk Reeling Foundation
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Chen Tai Chi Beginner - Silk Reeling Foundation
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Chen Tai Chi Academy,
7 Main Street,Osborne Park,WA-6017,
Telephone No.+61 048 162 108
Osborne Park
We will be learning the basics of Chen Style Tai Chi. You will learn how we align our body structure and our posture requirements in Chen Tai Chi. Learn how we center our weight in Chen Tai Chi and do weight shifts for better stability. Learn our body rotations in Chen Tai Chi from the wrist to shoulders to waist to knees and ankles for flexibility in our joints. Learn to focus our minds when and we coordinate our upper and lower body so we move more fluidly. Learn how to be more aware of tension in your body and how we can relax that tension the Chen Tai Chi way.