How to get a Proper Form in Taijiquan?

Here are a few tips to guide you when practicing Taijiquan on your own. These tips are meant as a supplement for those who have prior grounding in Taijiquan for at least 1 month. However, we still stand by the importance of a good instructor to check your postures for reasons of health as well as to avoid injury, until the time when you have acquired a certain level of mastery yourself.

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I have never exercised before. How do I start?

You can begin with the 5-element set which should prime you up for a slightly more rigorus training. You can also start conditining yourself by walking. Start strolling everywhere instead of taking transport and gradually increase the distance you travel. When you feel you have achieved a comfortable walking distance, increase your speed a little to a comfortable stride. Remember, the best activity is one you enjoy doing. So, learn to love whatever you are doing. 

2006 Chen Tai Chi Workshop by Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai

Push Hand Workshop April 2006.

Beginners 5 Element Workshop April 2006.

At the Houghton Vineyard.

Doing some wine tasting.

Enjoying a home-cooked meal by Grandmaster Zhu.

Click here to view a short snippet of the Workshop – Enjoy!  Please be patient as it takes a while to load.


A deep thank you to all who have attended the Workshop and Push Hand course. For those who have not been able to attend, we do hope to see you next year.

What a whirlwind round of training it has been!  It has been a very tough training for some!  But our teacher, Grandmaster Zhu has commented that he is impressed and happy that everyone has stuck it out so well and with so much spirit despite the intensity of the training sessions.  Don’t stop. Keep up the practice as it will resolve all the muscle cramps and aches, painful as it may be.

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the training with Grandmaster Zhu and have gained a deeper insight into Taijiquan.


Grandmaster Zhu is pleased with the spirit that everyone has displayed and has told us that he wants to teach the Taiji San Shou or 42 Fa Jing next year.  That is going to be pretty intense as you will have to execute explosive bursts of force 42 times!

So, for his intended trip back here in Perth next year, we hope that we can continue to have your support. 

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