What is the difference between Xinjia Yilu 83, and how did it originate?

Dear Jasmine, hello from my country Slovenia. I am practising the art ot Tai Ji Chuan  nine years know.  I find your article Why do we say Chenjiagou…
and can you explain, please, while Im practising New frame 83 and Cannon fist new frame, what do you mean with this new forms for competitions, chen style 83 movement? What is the different with Xinjia Yilu 83, and who is the author of this one?  I will be very grateful for you answer. from Lona Cop Finka

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Experience the Internal Energies of a Traditional Tai Chi Workshop

with Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai

Chenjiagou Taijiquan is an ancient art passed through the generations in a little village called Chenjiagou in Henan Province, China. It is imparted through a holistic, comprehensive 3-tier training framework that aims to teach the practitioner to foster unity in, (a) strength and motor skills (External), (b) inner balance of the body (Internal), and (c) mental discipline (Spiritual).

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Chenjiagou Training (Chen Village)

Many of you will have seen older folks in the gardens, parks, community centres and such, doing their slow gentle exercises in the mornings. Taijiquan nowadays is commonly practised with a very gentle and relaxed pace, such that it gives rise to the misunderstanding that this is what Taijiquan (or Tai Chi Chuan) is all about. Then again, most old folks taiji as a form of gentle activity than as a martial art, which suits them just fine. Read more