Chen Tai Chi Perth Online – Day 002

In this 2nd Chen Tai Chi Video that went LIVE on 5th Sept (Perth time GMT +8), I shared the Qigong exercise, silk reeling exercises and the Laojia YiLu Movement #1, Jin Gang Dao Dui. I always find that beginners find it challenging to Open and Close the Kua or the Hip joints. I will cover this in on our Day 005 when I did the Tai Chi Butt Lift.

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How to get your Peng Energy in Tai Chi fast?

In Tai Chi, there are Peng Energy and Peng technique. In Tai Chi you are expected to maintain Peng Energy through out the  routine, push hand and in all application. Imagine your body is a balloon, Peng Energy will be like the air that maintaining the balloon fully inflated, i.e. always expanding outward. The Peng Energy is the basis for the rest of the thirteen posture. (8 hand techniques, and 5 footwork). When your body is full of Peng energy, with your intend going upward, this is Peng Technique. Lu, is your intend going backward left or right. Ji is when your intend is going forward. An is your intend is going downward. Some even said that Tai Chi is Peng Energy fist.

In this video, I am sharing how to find your Peng Energy in less than 1 mintue:

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