Evolution of Taijiquan

The origins of Taijiquan are often attributed to one Zhang San Feng (a Daoist of either the Twelfth or Fifteenth century depending on the source) who created the Art after witnessing a fight between a snake and a crane (I’m sorry but I have to say this is baloney!). Although there is evidence that Zhang San Feng actually existed, there is no historical evidence to support the claim that he had anything to do with the creation or practice of Taijiquan.

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Our First Tai Chi Online Class via Google Hangout

Time: Sat, 12 Apr, 06:00 GMT+8 – 07:30 GMT+8



Come and join me ONLINE in this 1.5 hours session to learn the Chen Tai Chi. We will cover the breathing exercise or qigong, silk reeling exercise as taught by GMaster Zhu TianCai. Limited to 10 only. Sign up now.

This is the link: (You need to have google plus)