What is the Story behind the Creation of the Taiji Symbol?


The chinese Yin Yang symbol aka Taiji Symbol is by now synomymous with Taijiquan. You would never believe it but the Taiji symbol was not an aribitrary symbol birthed out of someone’s imagination. It was actually plotted from the shadow of a pole stuck in the ground as the sun rotated. The contrasting light and dark portions actually denote seasonal changes on the earth.

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Why is cooling down important?

After training, your blood is pooled in the extremities, and the heartrate is elevated. You need to cool down to bring your heartrate back down to resting level and to enable your blood circulation to regulate. If you stop abruptly, you could faint or place undue stress on the heart. Just do some simple stretches to help relax the muscles and increase flexibility.

How much should I weigh?

Since muscle weighs more per volume than fat, and you want to have firm muscles throughout your body, you may weigh more than you thought was average for your height and build. There is no ideal bodyweight. While some body fat is essential to sustain life, it is generally thought that a healthy bodyfat percentage for males is 8-20% and for females is 13-25%.