Fitness versus Health

We wrote this article back in 2004:

Exercise, for most us, mean making regular visits to the health-club and subjecting yourself to cardio workouts for a strong heart, step classes for a firm bottom, or weight training to get rid of the flab dangling around your upper arms and abdominal area. In order to ensure that you attend classes regularly, you make yourself pay a pretty bundle for a class (as you would feel the pinch if you did not attend). That cash you cough up was meant to compensate for that lack of self-discipline to do your own fitness routine at home. But will putting yourself through this entire health-club routine be a guarantee that you are on the road to health?

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Characteristics of Chen Style Taiji (Tai Chi)

CHEN STYLE TAIJIQUAN (Tai Chi Fist) is characterised by its Chan Si Jing or a spiral-like momentum of force and its harmonious balance of contradicting movements (Just like the Tai Chi Symbol with black contradicting with white). There are alternating fast and slow movements unlike other Taijiquan styles, which tend to have a slower and more even pace. There are moments when it needs to be executed very fast, and moments when you need to let it go slow. The Chan Si Jing originates from the Qi residing at your waist area, or Dantian. The mandatory requirement is that all movements originate from the waist, using the waist as the primary pivotal axis – always. Another distinctive characteristic is the bursts of energy when the punches (or force) are executed, called Fah Jing.